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About CPB

About CPB


The Mississauga Board of Chinese Professionals & Businesses, or "CPB" as it is otherwise known, is a non-profit organization dedicated to linking Chinese professionals and businesses to advance the socio-economic well-being of all residents in Mississauga.

CPB represents professionals and businesses from all walks of life, as well as individuals and families within the Mississauga community. Launched in May 1998, CPB has developed to be one of the most dynamic and pre-eminent voices for the Chinese professional and business community. CPB is often the "bridge" between Chinese and Canadians, and between the East and the West.

CPB is also a key player in community involvement and a great supporter of community activities. CPB is often the "bridge" between Chinese and Canadians, and between the East and the West. In the past few years, CPB has raised over $1 million to support charities and organizations in need.


Health Promotion & Awareness

  • Healthy Living Expos, promotion of Health-related Seminars and Exhibitions.

Promotion of Arts & Culture

  • Mississauga Chinese Arts Festivals, Musical Performances, Ballet Performances, Star Shows, Cantonese Operas, Photos and Cultural Exhibitions.

Sports Activities

  • Badminton Tournaments, Bowling Tournaments, participation at Dragon Boat races.

Networking Activities

  • Networking Luncheons and Dinners, Charity Cruises.

Youth Development & Self Enhancement

  • Public Speaking Workshops, Mandarin Classes & Volunteer Opportunities.

Missions to other countries

  • Business Missions, Education Missions, Student & Teacher Exchange Programs.

Phoenix Ball

  • The Phoenix Ball, which started as an annual gala of CPB, has evolved to become a meaningful annual fundraising gala for the community. In past years, the number of guests attending the Phoenix Ball has increased from a few hundred to over 1000.


  • CPB Journal and CPB website: www.cpbmississauga.com.

For further information, please contact CPB Office at cpb@cpbmississauga.com or 905-828-6800.

1675 The Chase, Unit #22, Mississauga, Ontario, L5M 5Y7 Canada    
Tel: (905) 828-6800     Fax: (905) 828-6100

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